Solar Billy - Camping Solar Water Heater


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The Solar Billy, designed in Australia, is perfect for anybody who enjoys the great outdoors.
Get boiling hot water in a couple of hours in good sunlight without the need for a fire or gas stove.

Practical Design

The Solar Billy is designed for the outdoors, providing safety, performance and durability.

- The Poly-carbonate casing combined with rubber absorbing rings protect the tube from the kind of rough handling that can be expected during a camping trip. It can even survive being knocked over!

- The integrated handle allows the Solar Billy to be carried vertically, and also it perfect when pouring out hot water into cups.

- The legs splay to ensure the Solar Billy is stable even during high winds, and convieniently fold back against the side of the tube when packed away in the durable bag.

- The Solar Billy incorporates two reflective wings, which increase heat output by up to 40%, ensuring optimal boiling times. The reflective wings fold back against the tube neatly when packed away.

- The Solar Billy holds a bit over 1 litre of water, enough to make 5 cups of coffee.

Not just hot water!

The Solar Billy provides heat, and lots of it, so can be used for basic cooking too. You can easily cook pasta or rice in the Solar Billy, the same you would in a pot on a gas stove.

Another great use for the Solar Billy is the steralisation of water - by allowing the water to boil for 10-15minutes most harmful bacteria will be destroyed, making otherwise questionable water safe to drink.


- During the summer, many areas have firbans, so fires cannot be lit. There may even be restrictions on the use of gas stoves. The Solar Billy is perfectly safe, able to be used to produce boiling water in such areas, when otherwise you would have no means of doing so!

- The Solar Billy has a specially design spout to ensure hot water safely sand slowly pours out. A vent hole ensuring smooth continuous pouring, not "glugging" that you get when pouring from a bottle.

- The glass tube and food grade silicone plug make the water perfectly safe to drink.


What is a Billy?

Noun: A tin used for boiling water over a campfire, usually for a cup of tea. Originally made from an empty jam tin with a loop of wire for a handle and used by swagmen during the depression years. Also called a "billy can". A commercially made form of the "billy can" is widely used by people camping throughout Australia. The Solar Billy serves the same purpose, but provides hot water without the need for a fire!

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